I met Donna three years ago when I moved to Hong Kong and remember being immediately drawn to her warmth and style.  

I had many clothing items and accessories but always seemed to have a problem putting them together to create a polished look. 
Whenever I saw Donna at social events, she never failed to amaze me with how well 'put together' she was!  I decided it was time to enlist Styling by Donna's style advice!  

I felt really comfortable and at ease with Donna's approach, she listened to my wailing about not having enough clothes (even with a full wardrobe or two) and immediately set about getting me a style profile.  I never thought clearing out my wardrobe would be so much fun!  Donna showed me how simple it was to create a multitude of looks to suite MY body, personality and style. Not only did we edit my wardrobe, we also shopped together to find a few essential items I needed to complete my re-defined look.  It was a lot less costly than buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes (which is what I thought I needed). 

I have used Styling by Donna's services more than once (from requiring advice on an outfit for a Gala Dinner to what clothing items I should pack for an Asian Destination wedding).  I would highly recommend Styling by Donna to anyone, Donna has warmth and friendliness, as well as immaculate style and charm.

- Lisa C, Hong Kong

I recently returned to full time work after being out of the corporate world for a few years. As my current style was slightly more casual, I turned to my good friend and stylist, Donna who runs Styling by Donna to help update and re-define my wardrobe. I was convinced that I needed to purchase a whole new wardrobe as NOTHING in my current wardrobe would be suitable for my return to the workforce. My initial concern was the cost associated with this, however Donna put my mind at ease as she works within your budget without sacrificing quality or style. I was presently surprised after enlisting Styling by Donna's services that in fact there was a number of clothing items more than suitable for work as I was not required to wear suits / business shirts. Donna showed me how to mix and match clothing and accessories to create different looks. I was so surprised to learn how easy and fun this process was. It wasn't an expensive exercise either. There were only a few staple items I needed to purchase to complete my ‘new look’ wardrobe. I am so pleased I decided to turn to Styling by Donna for help otherwise I probably would have spent a lot of money unnecessarily and stressed myself out in the process.  I constantly receive compliments from my work colleagues which makes me feel confident and I know I look great! Thanks Donna, you are amazing!

- Lisa F, Hong Kong

Donna and I worked together for many years in the banking industry, where I was Global Head of Corporate Events. During that time I used to travel from New York to Hong Kong annually to work on events with Donna. While in Hong Kong, Donna would always take me to her Shenzhen tailor. It was the highlight of my annual HK visits as she would help me plan my wardrobe (from casual to corporate), right down to fabrics, styles and colours. I would come ladened with many magazine pictures, sketches and the like, stressed of course as I knew I had limited time to create my dream wardrobe! Donna never ceased to amaze me at how she knew exactly what styles, fabrics and colours would suit me. She has an amazing eye for detail and her passion for styling, apparel and accessories are very apparent. She worked very closely with her tailor to ensure that all my needs were being met. I was always so excited to receive my shipment of clothes when I returned to New York, and as always, Donna delivered ! All the clothing items fitted beautifully, perfect for my body shape and the colours enhanced my skin tone and hair colour. I always receive outstanding compliments from colleagues, friends and family on how great and well 'put together' I look ! Not only did Donna re-define my look with amazing outfits, she also provided me with great fashion tips on how to accessorise, and of course she chose the perfect jewellery pieces from her Fifth Avenue Collection to compliment my outfits. I have a number of friends who are keen to visit HK to experience the same styling tips and wonderful service Styling by Donna offers. I think a small group shopping trip may be install for 2016 !

- K Culkin, New York